Porridge Infused with Wisdom Warms Students and Parents at Buddha's Light Hsi Lai School

On January 18th, a vibrant community of nearly 70 students and teachers from the after-school program at Buddha's Light Hsi Lai School came together to savor the delicious Laba porridge. This special treat, prepared by the Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple, was not just a meal but a shared experience of Dharma JOY!

Executive Director of Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School, Ven. Man Zhao introduced the significance of Dharma Day and Laba porridge, enlightening students about the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, known as Laba, commemorating Buddha's Enlightenment Day. She explained that Laba porridge, carefully prepared globally by Fo Guang Shan, is a blend of various grains and nuts, symbolizing their complementarity and compatibility. This resonates with the theme for this year, proclaimed by Fo Guang Shan Monastery Chief Abbot Most Venerable Hsin Bau: “Coexistence and Co-prosperity,” emphasizing the importance of complementary and harmonious relationships between individuals.

The school broadcasted thoughtful teachings in English by Principal Ven. Hui Dong, "Laba signifies the path to enlightenment, propelling the Dharma for generations; in cold winter, Buddha's auspicious blessings are carried through the warm Laba porridge into the hearts and minds of all those who receive."

As the students relished the Laba porridge, they also delved into the educational aspect of the event. Videos in Chinese and English were screened, providing a comprehensive understanding of the porridge's background and spiritual significance. This interactive learning experience added a layer of joy and meaning to the event.

Ven. Man Zhao nurtured positive connections with students and parents by offering them Laba porridge. As the warm Laba porridge physically filled their tummies and the teachings spiritually filled their hearts and minds, a newfound awareness seemed to permeate each participant. Blessings of "Coexistence and Co-prosperity, May You Be Free as Cloud and Water, Auspicious and Joyful” were extended to everyone.

(Photos provided by Buddha's Light Hsi Lai School)