Sharing Buddha's Warmth & Light with Others During Wintertime

December—a joyous, festive season in America aligned with the spirit of "Giving" championed by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, founder of Fo Guang Shan, occurred once again. After a three-year hiatus—due to the pandemic—Hsi Lai Temple venerable and BLIA (The Buddha’s Light International Association) members resumed the “Buddha’s Light Sharing Love in Winter” event by collecting and distributing donated food, clothing, toys and hygiene products to various locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area to people in need. Compassion and loving-kindness radiated like the warmth of the winter sun, reflected the enduring commitment of the annual event, and helped to ensure that no one was left in the cold nor forgotten.

After a month-long fundraising campaign, donated items were sorted, repacked and lovingly loaded into five large trucks. Under the guidance of the superintendent of Hsi Lai Temple, Ven. Yi Shan, Ven. Hui Ze, Ven. Hui Cheng, the President of BLIA Los Angeles Chapter Alex Wu, and big-hearted BLIA members, gifts were delivered to various awaiting locations, including the California Highway Patrol Santa Fe Springs Department, the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department, the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, and the New Hope Shelter.

Melissa Hammond, captain of California Highway Patrol Santa Fe Springs Department, expressed each year there is an excitement and an anticipation present as the trucks stuffed full of toys roll up. These toys are distributed into our community, helping to alleviate the annual shortage, and fostering positive connections with children and their families.

Michael Hamilton, manager of the Hacienda Heights office at Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department, shared that their annual Winter Wonderland community event held towards year-end allowed all attendees to leave with their needs fulfilled because of the generous food and supplies donated by Hsi Lai Temple.

President of BLIA Los Angeles Chapter, Alex Wu, voiced deep gratitude to all, as the month-long “Buddha's Light Sharing Love in Winter” came to a close! He thanked the BLIA members for their dedication to embody the Humanistic Buddhism principles of the "Three Acts of Goodness" and "Four Givings" advocated by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Their goal to bring warmth, compassion and ease to community neighbors—with the sincere hope that their festive winter season will be filled with joy—was achieved and deemed a huge success!