Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Summer Program Exhibit Pride & Glory

Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School’s (BLHLS) Summer Program held its closing ceremony, July 22, for the first time at Hsi Lai Center. Students joyfully showed off their eight-week accomplishments through lively performances and captivating exhibitions, and were delighted to receive affirming applause and cheers from guests. As the students shined brightly and radiated their enthusiasm, nearly 250 people spent the whole afternoon basking in exuberant warmth.

Ven. Hui Dong, the principal of Hsi Lai School, expressed, “Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School was established 33 years ago. Today is the first time for us to hold the summer school closing ceremony at Hsi Lai Center—our new school location. We are grateful for the strong support of BLIA members and alumni who came back as volunteers. The Three Acts of Goodness and The Four Givings—promoted by Ven. Master Hsing Yun—is the founding purpose of this school. We shall never forget this and will continue to implement these teachings into our curriculum to further our students’ knowledge and skills, and also to help prepare them for society.”

Students demonstrated the Ten Perfect Health Exercise and recited, “Press to your left, press to your right, you will never have high blood pressure!” And, the audience burst into laughter.

Zhihan Zhou, who served at Hsi Lai School for 10 years, said, “Hsi Lai School is a big warm family to me. Ven. Master Hsing Yun once said, ‘One more good person means one less bad person.’ These words have been a driving force for me to serve.” He extended well-wishes to all the students to continue growing, learning The Three Acts of Goodness, and becoming pillars of society.

Director of Hsi Lai School, Ven. Man Zhao, thanked everyone for their support in overcoming the various challenges during the pandemic. She said, “Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School teamed up with the University System of Taiwan and Overseas Compatriots Culture and Education Foundation this summer and conducted our first-ever, long-distance classes, so students could better understand and experience the vibrant Asian culture.” Due to the overwhelming success of Summer School, the collaboration will continue into fall so anticipate additional stimulating diverse classes to start—August 3rd for After-School Tutoring, and August 20th for Saturday Chinese.