Hsi Lai Temple Participating in Park After Dark Fair

Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple was invited to participate in the Parks After Dark–Steinmetz Park Resource Fair hosted by the Department of Parks and Recreation, County of Los Angeles on July 21. Hsi Lai Temple was the only Buddhist group to set up a booth at the Steinmetz Park and Senior Center, Hacienda Heights. Taking this opportunity to localize Buddhism, Hsi Lai Temple shared and exchanged information through cultural activities and educational materials with the public, such as Boy Scouts, TAG (Three Acts of Goodness) School, and lecture information. Over a hundred people visited the booth and learned about Humanistic Buddhism.

Ven. Hui Cheng of Hsi Lai Temple led volunteers from the BLIA (Buddha’s Light International Association) Hacienda Heights Subchapter and the Hsi Lai Temple Docent Unit to greet the public warmly by providing sachet making, painting, series of Buddhist booklets, sanitizers, etc., and introducing various activities held at Hsi Lai Temple. A door – understanding of Buddhism – was opened to the public.

Visitors included students who attended TAG School at Hsi Lai Temple, the public who had visited Hsi Lai Temple many times, and new residents who just moved to Hacienda Heights community. A 4-5-year-old child surprised everyone by automatically picking up one of the Buddhist books on the table when the volunteer handed over a bookmark to him.

For more than two years Hsi Lai Temple had not been opened for group visits due to the pandemic. Chris Richards, Hsi Lai Temple docent, was very happy to have this opportunity introducing Hsi Lai Temple to the public.