Volunteers Support Buddha's Light Hsi Lai School Summer Program

Buddha's Light Hsi Lai School’s two-month summer program kicked off on June 20, 2022, at the Hsi Lai Center. Under the leadership of Principal Ven. Hui Dong and Director Ven. Man Zhao, school administrators and teachers teamed up to design a spectacular summertime curriculum filled with daily fun, thought-provoking activities and routines for all students to learn and thrive in a healthy, safe environment.

President Alex Wu and the members of BLIA Los Angeles Chapter volunteered, worked closely with the school, and shared loving-kindness and compassion with students during morning check-in, lunchtime, and check-out at the end of the day to help ensure students received exceptional care with their education. Five volunteers—-BLIA advisors—-prepared delicious veggie burgers accompanied with fries for lunch which the students seemed to enjoy immensely. Parents picked up their children who skipped away happily and were already starting to share their first-day adventures.