Interfaith Meeting Prays for World Peace

The Arcadia Interfaith Action Group (AIAG) conducted a service for the National Day of Prayer on May 5 at Santa Anita Church with Venerable Hui Ze, Venerable Hui Cheng, and 15 BLIA members from the Arcadia and Monterey Park subchapters representing Buddhism at the event.

Representatives from Bahaiism, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, and Buddhism participated in the Prayer for Peace. Venerable Hui Ze read Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s A Prayer for World Peace and shared how the war in Europe has shown how urgent and crucial world peace is. In this tumultuous time, wisdom and compassion are especially important in facing challenges.

Catholic representative Reverend Kevin Rettig used a story to illustrate his point that changing the world begins with changing ourselves. Jewish representative Rabbi Len Muroff prayed for war-torn Ukraine, and Bahaist representative Mohamed shared that through humanity and compassion, world peace is definitely possible.

According to AIAG coordinator Rev. Dr. Jolene Cadenbach, AIAG was formed in 1992 and now includes almost every major religion. They hold regular discussions to spread positivity throughout the community and pray for world peace.

During the event, the Joyful Noise Choir sang of hopes for peace. Due to a busy academic schedule, the BLYSO was unable to perform, but Venerable Hui Ze announced that they will perform at the Hsi Lai Center on June 12.