Creating A Pure Land by Planting Trees on Earth Day

In response to Earth Day, Hsi Lai Temple and Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Los Angeles Chapter jointly held a tree-planting event on April 16. Nearly 30 people united together, including the Abbot of Hsi Lai Temple Ven. Hui Dong, the Superintendent Ven. Yi Shan, officers of BLIA LA Chapter–President Alex Wu, Vice President Echo Tsai, Secretary-General Shouren Kuo, Head Elder Advisor Yuqin Ke, Elder Advisor Francium Wu, and other BLIA members, to plant 15 camphor trees.

Venerable Hui Dong wisely shared, “There’s a profound meaning when Venerable Master Hsing Yun and the BLIA World promoted environmental and spiritual preservation. By planting trees around Hsi Lai Temple, we show our efforts in environmental preservation. We hope everyone will follow in our footsteps starting from one tree to ten trees, and . . . eventually create a forest. Let our efforts touch the hearts of everyone, transforming their greed, hatred, and delusion into beautiful, compassionate minds.”

“BLIA Los Angeles is responding to the call of T-Earth of the BLIA World. Our members are very energetic and excited to participate in this activity. We are thankful for the guidance of Fo Guang Shan and our venerables,” shared BLIA Los Angeles Chapter President Alex Wu. “Tracing back 34 years ago, when Venerable Master Hsing Yun led us to build Hsi Lai Temple, it was us—all venerables and BLIA members together—transforming an empty lot into a pure land by preserving the eco-friendly environment. As BLIA members, we should practice what we preach and involve our offspring in cherishing our earth, from planting trees, to the enjoyment of watching the trees grow, to nurturing, protecting and benefiting from the trees.”

Under the guidance of Ven. Abbot Hui Dong, Ven. Man Deng, and the expert gardening team, BLIA members successfully planted and fertilized 15 camphor trees, weeded, and beautified the land; in hopes, to make Hsi Lai temple a true pure land.