Best Western Receives 365 Days for Travelers

On April 5th, Vivian Wang, owner of the Best Western Plus Hotel in Rowland Heights, CA, accompanied by Yuemei Jian, general manager, received 150 copies of the book 365 Days for Travelers: Wisdom from Chinese Literary and Buddhist Classics from Ven. Abbot Hui Dong of Hsi Lai Temple.

Ms. Wang has admired Ven. Master Hsing Yun's wisdom which brought the profound Dharma to life—making the truth simple, easy-to-understand, and inspirational for many people worldwide. She, especially, hoped numerous hotel guests—travelers—would read and be touched by the powerful, positive messages compiled within the book, and find happiness, peace, and comfort for their bodies and their minds.

“One who truly knows how to listen,
listens to the sound of silence.
One who genuinely knows how to look,
looks at the inner world.”

Ven. Master Hsing Yun elegantly wrote, on page 254, “At these words, I closed my eyes and stopped looking. In a world of darkness, I lit a light in my mind, finding everything on earth right there—in my mind. I learned to look inward, not outward; at the non-existing, not the existing; at the real, not the illusory; at myself, not others.”

Best Western is the world's largest chain hotel group, with more than 250,000 travelers staying at its hotels every day; therefore, more books will be gifted to other Best Western franchises in the future.