High Success: In the Air and On the Ground – Hsi Lai’s Girl Scout Troop 18894

The Hsi Lai Girl Scout Troop 18894 had their first outing since the pandemic at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, April 3rd. The girls were very excited to see each other and had loads of fun participating in archery, the high-ropes course, zip lining and rock climbing.

First stop of the day was the archery shooting range. The Scouts learned how to handle a bow properly, how to knock an arrow, the best stance for shooting, and much more. Hitting the target was taxing, at times, but the girls discussed and compared where their arrows landed on the target, encouraged one another, rose to the challenge and celebrated simultaneously, as a troop.

With enthusiasm, they quickly transitioned to the newly-built high ropes obstacle courses for more personal development and team-building. The partner activity tested each individual scout’s trust and courage; however, the girls were able to ensure each other’s safety and conquer the ropes in style by using skillful communication and working together! On the zipline they learned how to have patience, to listen carefully to instructions, and gained valuable life experiences—all while having fun! Suspended from a cable in a harness, each girl felt the thrill of zipping down the line with the wind blowing in their hair and their feet dangling, high above the majestic, flower-filled hillside below.

The last adventure of the day was climbing—rock climbing. They used their mental and physical strength to strategize and find the best climbing route to the top. Multiple girls reached the top of the climbing wall, celebrated their accomplishment, and contemplated upon how their steady effort, determination and perseverance had helped them reach their goal. Overall, the girls had a memorable but tiring day. As they left the campsite, excited anticipation was expressed about returning next year.