Echo Tsai Receives Woman Achievement Award - 2022

Saturday, March 26, Senator Bob Archuleta hosted the 2022 Women of Achievement Celebration, of the 32nd Senate District, at the DoubleTree by Hilton in uptown Whittier. Eleven extraordinary women received this honor, including Echo Tsai, Vice President of Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Los Angeles Chapter and Director of the FGS Hsi Lai Temple Senior Activity Program.

Senator Archuleta expressed that March is Women’s History Month, which was established to commemorate and recognize women's outstanding contributions to family, society, and their professions. He praised Echo Tsai for her dedication, hard work, and outreach within the community by organizing and coordinating an array of events/activities. Additionally, he commended the efforts of Hsi Lai Temple for promoting social harmony, peace, and happiness, and injecting new energy and light into the community by exemplifying inclusiveness and helping to create a positive future for our community’s cultural melting pot. Senator Archuleta encouraged the public to reduce racial confrontation and hatred, work together to promote the integration of multiculturalism, and encouraged everyone to visit Hsi Lai Temple to experience the tranquil beauty of the East.

Echo Tsai has been practicing Buddhism for many years. She first slipped into her Hsi Lai volunteer vest in 1997. In 2001, she joined Buddha’s Light International Association and began wearing her golden vest to support, participate in, and coordinate numerous activities. Her vitality is refreshing and evident to all, as she can be seen making new friends, providing warmhearted help, sharing the Dharma, and benefiting all sentient beings with ease, both, within Dharma Services and within the community. She has assisted in the development and founding of FGS Hsi Lai Temple’s Senior Activity Program, has helped with scholarship fundraising, and has visited schools, police stations, nursing homes, hospitals, homeless shelters, and other not-for-profit organizations with great joy and enthusiasm----a woman-in-action, practicing and spreading the beauty of Humanistic Buddhism.

Tsai extended gratitude to Hsi Lai Temple for her nomination. She said this award was an affirmation of Humanistic Buddhism, upheld her original intentions, and planned to continue following Ven. Master Hsing Yun’s teachings to promote Humanistic Buddhism and share its truth and kindness into every corner of the world.

Amanda, BLIA member, praised Echo as a true bodhisattva, just like her name. She always responds to the calls of others’ with kindness and compassion, making her a positive role model and true bodhisattva. Her award encourages every woman to walk gently and powerfully within their communities, caring for others with kindness and compassion, and creating a harmonious society where “All Beings Live without Fear and Coexist in Peace!”