St. Patrick's Day Chalk Festival - TAG Through Art

The first St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Chalk Festival, co-organized by Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, Hacienda Height Community and Rec Center, and Soledad Enrichment Action, amassed crowds of over 100 people who came to enjoy 40 plus sidewalk chalk art masterpieces, music, raffles, family games, local food, and more of activities.

“Embracing the community is an essential mission of Humanistic Buddhism and it is what we have always been striving for,” Venerable Zhi Xing said. “Being invited serves as a milestone for us and we will continue our commitment,” Venerable Zhi Ching added.

Hsi Lai Temple received a special invitation from the organizers and was represented by the Department Leader of Social Education and Outreach, Venerable Zhi Xing, together with Venerable Hui Cheng, Venerable Zhi Ching, and 7 BLIA members. The theme of Hsi Lai Temple’s chalk artwork was “Three Acts of Goodness (TAG) Tigers,” designed by Lenny Wen, President of BLIA Los Angeles Chapter, Rowland Height II Subchapter and Avelyn Busch, Elder Advisor of BLIA LA Chapter, Rowland Height I Subchapter. “I am thrilled to be here to promote Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s Three Acts of Goodness, ” shared Lenny Wen. The cute, colorful tiger cubs design was a magnet attracting little ones from all directions who were eager to participate and create vibrant, adorable animals from their own imagination.

“May we say goodbye to the sorrow [and depression] brought forth by the COVID pandemic. Let’s live in this very moment and paint it with love!” Johnny Torres, representative of Soledad Enrichment Action, bid a lasting farewell to everyone. Brian Ceballos from the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation expressed appreciation toward Hsi Lai Temple and was looking forward to collaborating on the upcoming Earth Day event. Michael Aguilar, the curator of the Hacienda Heights Community and Rec Center, also announced that there will be an Easter Egg Hunt on April 6th. The center has prepared 5,000 Easter eggs and is looking forward to having more fun-times together.