2022 TAG Microfilm Workshop - In Full Swing

BLIA Los Angeles Chapter held the 2022 Three Acts of Goodness (TAG) Microfilm Workshop online March 12th. The guest panel consisted of previous award-winners—Directors Yan Cui, Qingping Ji, and Yao Ge, famous Hollywood screenwriter Lin Weike, and Feiyang Wong, CEO of Blue Ocean Media. Over 200 participants, including members, young adults, and Venerables, gathered together to learn about the microfilm production process as panel members shared and answered questions about the challenges often encountered during a film shooting. Besides movie media, it was suggested TAG be transmitted through virtual media to reach a more vast viewership.

Venerable Hui Dong, abbot of Hsi Lai Temple, acknowledged the numerous benefits of this workshop. Through TAG microfilm productions, more of the public could become acquainted with Buddhism. “The future of Buddhism is to think outside of the box and connect to the public through different channels like sports, arts, and media,” expressed Venerable Hui Dong. “This will let the public see the kind, compassionate, and humane side of humans. Through the TAG microfilms, the public can realize Dharma in life.”

Director Yao Ge shared her filming experiences by using her film Small Change as an example. Participants gained an overall understanding of how to prepare a film production using four aspects— storyline, scene list, script, and budget.

Well-known Chinese Director Yan Cui said, “The platform of Internet technology is a good resource for participants to find elements that match their requirements to reduce filming costs.” Feiyang Wong, CEO of Blue Ocean Media, shared, “Participants could also lower their costs by applying funds to media organizations or asking about potential co-op opportunities with companies.”