BLIA-YAD North America Embraces Future with Wisdom and Innovation

On March 6th, the 2022 BLIA-YAD North America Joint Meeting was held. Twelve monastic advisors and 60 YAD members participated in this joint meeting to learn how to balance the body and the mind after a pandemic by using, both, wisdom and innovation.

Venerable Hui Dong, abbot of Hsi Lai Temple, was glad to see young adults still working hard on YAD affairs. He encouraged them to continue to be mindful and cautious although it’s not required to wear masks in many places. “Facing this unstable world, YAD members need a compassionate heart and keen wisdom to set the right path for themselves, while upholding the Three Acts of Goodness taught by Venerable Master Hsing Yun,” Ven. Abbot Hui Dong counseled.

The meeting was chaired by Jenny Chen, the Director of the BLIA World Headquarter Youth Development Committee, who addressed the need to open FGS North America Humanistic Buddhism Courses for Young Adults & Teens, on March 20th, for the sake of enhancing young adults’ faith in Buddhism. The 2022 BLIA-YAD North America Fellowship Meeting and White Elephant Executive Training have been scheduled for May 28th, 2022, at Fo Guang Shan Deer Park, in New York. The goal is to strengthen young adults’ right views in Buddhism, because they are the vanguards of sharing the Dharma—the mainstay of Buddhism— and strongly influence other young lives.

Keeping members connected has been the main mission of YAD. Yuki, president of BLIA-YAD Montreal, brought young people back for drum practice. BLIA-YAD Los Angeles and BLIA-YAD San Francisco held online study groups. Jaron, president of BLIA-YAD New York, thanked the BLIA World Headquarter Youth Development Committee for gathering the North America YAD together, and was very grateful for Fo Guang Shan’s unwavering support.

Venerable Man Kuang, abbess of IBPS Dallas, praised the young who dared to take on new responsibilities, “Remember to always go back to the basics by practicing The Three Acts of Goodness and The Four Givings.” Also, she shared her wish for the young to continue forming good affinities within their communities, and actively strive to build and maintain a harmonious society.