Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Celebrates Year of the Tiger

Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School arranged a special series of Chinese New Year celebrations from January 27th to February 15th, so students could learn and celebrate one of the most representative and important festivals in Chinese culture—Chinese New Years!

A new year brings about everything new! According to traditional Chinese New Year custom—starting two days before New Year's Eve—- the household environment should be thoroughly cleaned like new. On January 27th, under the guidance of the teachers, the students joyfully cleaned their new school building. Together, the teachers and students swept the floors, wiped all the tables and chairs, and mopped the floors. Next, they decorated the windows and corridors with bright, handmade paper cuttings.

According to tradition, giving red envelopes to elders and children during Chinese New Year symbolizes peace and blessings. Venerable Hui Dong, principal of Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School, gave red envelopes to all students and teachers just before the Lantern Festival; he wished each and every teacher and student good health, safety and auspiciousness. At the Lantern Festival, teachers taught students how to make lanterns and shared the customs and stories of the Lantern Festival.

In addition to the physical classroom cultural experience, an online Chinese New Year’s celebration was held February 12th. All teachers, students and parents were invited to participate and enjoy the rich celebratory programs. A Prayer For The New Year by Venerable Master Hsing Yun opened the prelude and was followed by vigorous dragon and lion dances. Teachers and students jointly performed “the Golden Lion Theatre”, “the Kid Lighting up the Lamp”, “Speaking Auspicious Words”, and ``Welcome the New Year with Firecrackers”. All eyes were glued upon the performances.