LA County Supervisor Hilda. Solis Acknowledges Hsi Lai Temple - Presents Certificate of Appreciation

As of January 1st, Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis accepted the re-appointment to oversee Hacienda Heights where Hsi Lai Temple is situated. She led a team of five to visit the temple on January 17th, prior to the Chinese New Year, and presented certificates of appreciation to Hsi Lai Temple for their contribution to the community. Certificates were received by Venerable Abbot Hui Dong, President of BLIA Los Angeles Chapter – Alex Wu, Board of Director Kenny Chang, Attorney Daniel Deng, and Deputy Elder Advisor Gena Ooi.

Supervisor Solis was a frequent visitor to the temple before she left her Hacienda Heights position, in 2000. Twenty years later, she was happy to be reappointed to the district. Also serving as the Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, she cared about the COVID preventative measures that were in place at Hsi Lai Temple; such as, COVID vaccination, COVID testing, and so forth. She gave positive recognition to the temple's planning of the COVID vaccination and prevention program.

Supervisor Solis stated the Los Angeles County team has set up a temporary PCR testing station at Steinmetz Park, which is near Hsi Lai Temple, to provide free COVID testing services. Furthermore, she applauded Hsi Lai Temple for providing good community services and education. She expressed that she would continue to give the greatest assistance and support to the homeless, mentally ill, low-income households, and those victims who have lost their family member(s) due to the COVID outbreak.