English and French versions: I Am Not a Monk "Sponging Off" Buddhism

Auspicious Greetings Everyone!

Great News! I Am Not a Monk “Sponging Off” Buddhism written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun is now available in both English and French.


In I Am Not a Monk “Sponging Off” Buddhism, Venerable Master Hsing Yun answers how to “be self-reliant today.” Many philosophers have pondered this question over the centuries and across the continents.

“In order to not become a monk who “sponges off” Buddhism, I told myself that I had to be self-reliant,” he writes. But self-reliance does not mean going it alone. For the Venerable Master, it means tireless effort and teamwork.

In this book, the Venerable Master explains how and why he developed Fo Guang Shan into what it is today. He delves into the principles of Humanistic Buddhism and outlines his vision on how Buddhism should be reformed.

In talking about his own experiences, through more than nine decades, the Venerable Master emphasizes how everyone has their own faults and hardships, and “now” is the time to benefit the lives of sentient beings.

I Am Not a Monk “Sponging Off” Buddhism, contains full-color photos. The English version was translated by Dr. Robert Smitheram, a senior member of the Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center (FGSITC), who is a Professor in the East Asian Language Department at California Lutheran University. Dr. Smitheram joined FGSITC in 2003 and has translated more than 20 books on Humanistic Buddhism. A group of about ten members worked tirelessly and collaboratively in editing and proofreading this book.

The French version was translated by Le-Binh Tran and Professor Claude Merny. Le-Binh Tran, a French translation specialist of FGSITC, has been translating Venerable Master Hsing Yun's books and devoting herself to the translation work of Humanistic Buddhism for the past fifteen years.

In upholding the spirit of “giving” by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the English and French versions of I Am Not a Monk “Sponging Off” Buddhism are for free distribution only, rather than for sale. Any and all temples or individuals, in need, are welcome to make a request.

If you wish to obtain a copy or copies, please contact Amanda Ling or FGSITC @

+1 626-330-8361


Website: www.fgsitc.org