School of Medicine promotes "Vegetable Pharmacy" ~ BLIA Fo Guang members promote ‘Vegetable Caring’

The School of Medicine, of the California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM), held the "Inland Empire Free Clinic" at Colton Community Church on December 2. BLIA Riverside Subchapter Advisor Lin Yu Ying, Vice President Du Shu Fang, and Secretary Chen Hui Ling were led by their advising venerable, Ven. Zhi Hsi. They presented 15 boxes of fresh vegetables, 12 boxes of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

In addition to the free clinic, vegetarian recipes were also provided, especially, to patients with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and low-income patients. Liao Ri Shan, the vice president of the BLIA Riverside Subchapter, brought 15 boxes of fresh vegetables from a self-operated farm for distribution to all the patients who attended. Coupled with vegetables, the recipes offered participants healthy vegetarian dish options after they returned home.

The Inland Empire Free Clinic was established to support the School of Medicine’s effort to promote the "Vegetable Pharmacy" concept by making dietary adjustments; such as, changing eating habits, eating more vegetables, and doing more exercise. In this way, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels will naturally decrease.

"Use what you have learned to contribute to the community," Jake Wu explained. As the student representative and organizer of the free clinic. Wu mentioned his mother, Cai Yi Zhen, a member of the BLIA Riverside Subchapter, has greatly influenced him. Free clinics will continue to be held every month, in hopes to promote vegetable diets among the general public.

BLIA Riverside Subchapter Advisor Lin Yu Ying explained, “The ‘Vege Plan A’ event promoted by the BLIA actually has the same philosophy as the ‘Vegetable Pharmacy’. Consuming more vegetables brings about great positive shifts in people and upon our environment. It not only cuts down on carbon dioxide but it also helps to maintain and protect the eco-balance.” Furthermore, an individual’s health could improve through this new eating habit. Yu Ying happily explained the Riverside Subchapter will continue to support this meaningful event.

Ven. Zhi Hsi also brought Venerable Master Hsing Yun's English booklet series "Buddhism and Vegetarianism" for distribution, to accompany the hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes provided by Hsi Lai Temple. The "Vegetable Pharmacy" concept and the "Vege Plan A", promoted by BLIA, encourage all to implement a healthy vegetable diet in their daily life.