Buddha's Light Hsi Lai School Halloween Series Events- Pumpkin Paintings and Creative Succulent Plant Project

Children in the lower grades are particularly active and truly enjoy hands-on activities. They continue to learn and to cultivate important practical skills and develop their fine motor skills. On October 22, Hsi Lai School held a pumpkin painting party for the children. This activity allowed each student’s imagination and creativity to shine, and to gain more confidence by completing their creations all by themselves. After the creations were completed, a selection vote was held.

Students in the middle and upper grades are gradually growing up. Like adults, they have experienced the challenges of the pandemic for more than a year. The students have suffered a lot of pressure and depression that are not easy to cope with at their age. In order to reconnect and stimulate their love for life, on the same day, the school also launched a special, creative succulent plant project where youth planted succulents inside pumpkins and added various decorations and colorful flowers using different flower arranging techniques. This activity brought new life meaning to the plants and to the children alike.

The school received valuable support and help from many volunteers; they did not only give direct guidance to the students, but also shared and exemplified the importance of serving our communities and our societies to the students.