Dharma School Kicks Off Fall Semester

Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple Dharma School started fall semester online on September 19th. More than 60 children enrolled in the virtual program this fall, which is the highest number of students since the opening of the Dharma school. At the same time, 6 new volunteers joined the teachers’ team. In the shadow of Covid 19 pandemic, the spread of humanistic Buddhism has shown a trend of prosperity.

The Dharma school has expanded to three classes this term, with a preschool class as a new addition. The preschool class is for children aged 4-6, mainly focusing on developing mindfulness and instilling core values of Three Acts of Goodness. The kid class is for children aged 7-10. They will learn the Four Noble Truths and participate in the junior docent training. This training will not only provide the knowledge of Buddhism, but also improve the students’ public speech abilities. The youth class will learn about humanistic Buddhism in daily life and discuss the subjects such as medical care, wealth, education, and life and death and so on.

Another highlight of this semester is the joining of 6 volunteer teachers. The Dharma is school not only for kids but also a platform for training teachers. The Dharma school hopes to open after-school classes to promote kindness in communities to foster a supportive learning environment.