Hsi Lai Dharma School Volunteer Information Day

As summer is coming to an end, ushering in the start season of fall. Before the class got started, Hsi Lai Temple Dharma School hosted a volunteer information day on August 29 virtually, 12 volunteer teachers attended the meeting.

Ven. Zhi Ching introduced the classes and its history, then shared about the principle of education of the founder of Fo Guang Shan, Ven. Master Hsing Yun. The Master prioritized “Education” in his diverse approach in propagating the Dharma, especially emphasized in children education. The first social educational institution that the master founded was the Tzu Ai Kindergarten in Yilan in 1956.

Volunteer teachers in each class are also actively participating in group discussions, planning for classes and assignments.

Retired special education teacher, Ms Roxana shared her thoughts and experience when she was teaching in school settings. Although she really wanted to add the content of morality and life education, she cannot achieve it because she had to complete the school syllabus. Since joining as volunteer teachers in Dharma School three years ago, she has fulfilled her wish. She encourages all the teachers, as a bodhisattva who cultivates good seedlings, it is very valuable and meaningful.

Our children are the future leaders of the nation and our hope for the future. We sincerely invite anyone who is interested in promoting life education to join our team and protect the future of our children.

To register the Dharma School, donation, or joining the volunteer team, please visit Hsi Lai Temple Dharma School.