Hsi Lai School Outdoor Martial Arts Class: Showing the Sportsmanship of Three Good Deeds

The 7 week Three Good Deeds Outdoor Kung Fu Class held by the Fo Guang Hsi Lai School started on June 07, with a total of 25 students from ages 5-15 participating. This time, the free courses are taught by a Girl Scouts member, Ms.Kristin Chieh. Ms. Chieh is an alumni of Hsi Lai School. She has learned Chinese martial arts for the past 5 years and has received the highest honor of the balck belt. Ms. Chieh has especially combined the Girl Scouts community service project with education to provide this outdoor Kung Fu course for the school’s students.

Within the 2 hour course, the students have not only learned the fundamental etiquette and rules of Kung Fu, but have also started practicing the basics for future courses. Under the careful instruction of the teachers and volunteers, each student was absorbed in participating and learning the basics of Kung Fu, such as stretching, front kicks, sidekicks, spin kicks, leaps, squats, and etc. Many of their stances improved quickly given the short amount of time they had.

This class has not only let students exercise in the beautiful environment of Hsi Lai Temple during quarantine, but has also implemented the Three Good Deeds sportsmanship Master Hsing Yun has always advocated, such as seeing students spontaneously greeting the Venerables they meet when they’re in the temple, encouraging each other during the session by saying “You can do it!”, teaching other classmates how to improve their stances by sharing their own tips, and more.

After the class ended, the students gave their feedback upon the course, expressing how much they loved it and how interesting it was. After the students received their snacks, the students all thanked the venerables, Ms.Chieh , and the volunteers. They also expressed their gratitude to their hardworking parents who drove them to and from the temple. They then left with joy.

It’s so great to see how students who were once part of Hsi Lai school return to help with school affairs, such as volunteering and teaching younger students at school. The major growth and Fo Guang spirit being passed down to younger generations is such an admirable and joyful sight.