VEGEsynthesis with Three Acts of Goodness Club

In response to the Vege Plan A, the Three Acts of Goodness Club of University of the West organized a series of activities with the theme “VEGEsynthesis” in the spring semester. This activity features members sharing weekly vegan-related events on the club's Instagram account, and one of the most popular events is “Vegetarian Cooking Tutorials”.

VEGEsynthesis not only shared cooking tutorials on Chinese food, Western food and desserts, but the club members also demonstrated the cooking themselves. In this way, it is hoped that people can make use of their own creativity and enjoy cooking amid the epidemic. During the event, TAG Club also recommended famous vegetarian restaurants around the world so that vegetarians could visit the restaurants and enjoy delicious food. Not only that, the campaign also introduced the benefits of vegetarianism and the celebrities who are vegetarians in order to promote vegetarian culture and encourage people to adopt a vegetarian diet.

Members of the club have also prepared a variety of fun activities related to vegetarianism to interact with everyone, including vegetarian bingo, recommendation of animal-free products and a vegetarian week challenge, so that everyone can learn about vegetarianism and experience the fun of being a vegetarian.

The VEGEsynthesis campaign has come to an end, and TAG Club hopes that through this campaign, everyone can learn more about vegetarian culture and experience the joy.

IG Account: @tag_uwest

Video links:

1. Introduction of the event - https://youtu.be/x7RIhGC4cD8

2. “Nian Cai” Cooking Tutorial - https://youtu.be/tY1WaXFp2Nw

3. East West Vege Burger Cooking Tutorial - https://youtu.be/FLzNgvUMcQ0

4. Fruit Tart Baking Tutorial - https://youtu.be/lwZy1LAwHvA

5. Event Review - https://youtu.be/xYb0MFlnyj4