Hsi Lai School Outdoor Sketching Class: Drawing the Calmness and Beauty of Nature

The 7 weeks Outdoor Sketching Summer School held at Fo Guang Hsi Lai School officially started on June 2nd, 2021. Having Ms. Yan as their teacher, a total of 7 students from ages 5-15 participated in the class.

The students were divided into two groups to sketch different sceneries. While one group focused on sketching the big tree near the classrooms, the other group focused on sketching the two novice monks drinking tea together. The teacher not only demonstrated how to sketch the sceneries, but also explained very carefully about the different sketching techniques. Based on the students’ different sketches, she also gave different pieces of advice. Every student worked hard to complete their sketches of the scenery. At the same time, they also showed off their unlimited imagination, as well as creativity.

One student drew a monkey hanging upside down from the tree branch. Next to it was a giraffe, and a small frog and turtle on the grass. The 90 minute sketching class quickly ended under the peaceful and happy atmosphere. When the parents saw their children’s sketches, they showered their children with praise and admiration. Finally, after they received their snacks, the students joyfully said goodbye to the venerables, teachers, and volunteers, all of them looking forward to next week’s sketching class.