Dharma School for Kids and Young Adult Honor the Buddha’s Birthday with a Video Project

The Buddha’s auspicious life in the Sahā world has been a beacon of light for humanity for the past 2500 years. People of all ages have since been inspired by his teachings and the extraordinary examples he gave us during his life. To propagate the Buddha Dharma to the youngest generation, Hsi Lai Temple offers the Dharma School for Kids and Young Adults an opportunity to learn about his life. To give back, they participated in a project to commemorate the Buddha on his birthday.

The project, “The Story of Buddha”, was led by Venerable Zhi Ching, dedicated Dharma School teachers and committee of YAD LA2. Students lent their voices to dub a short video on the Buddha’s life in both English and Chinese, some recording themselves up to three times in order to give their best voice. The BLIA Young Adults Division (YAD) also lent their expertise with technical support to make the video project possible.

Giving the children the task of memorizing the script helped them to enhance their understanding about “The Story of Buddha” in a personal way, imprinting not only the story, but the message in their hearts and minds. The parents also played an important role in advancing their children’s Buddhist education by actively supporting them through script practice and filming for this project.

Altogether, the steadfast team work allowed for a beautiful finished presentation of “The Story of Buddha” through the voices of the children, as a humble gift to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday from the bottom of their hearts.

Buddha’s Birthday with a Video Project-English Version:

Buddha’s Birthday with a Video Project-Chinese Version:

The original video: