1/14/2021  2021 Virtual Tour for Students from University of La Verne

Students from University of La Verne, California had arranged for a Virtual Tour & Q/A Session with Hsi Lai Temple on January 14, 2021. A total of 26 students studying the subject of World Religion: Eastern Philosophies led by Professor Dr. Rischard Rose, is joined by Venerable Miao Xi and Venerable Hui Ze for a session of Dharma sharing via Zoom.

The session begins with Venerable Miao Xi welcoming everyone with an introductory video about the Dharma propagation activities being done by Fo Guang Shan and Hsi Lai Temple, through culture, education, charity and cultivation. After the introductory video, Dr. Rose started the Q/A session by inviting everyone to post their question in the Zoom application, allow the venerables go through them with their answers.

A myriad of questions had been asked including: how did Hsi Lai Temple propagate the Dharma to Westerners in Southern California? Which lineage of Buddhism does Fo Guang Shan belong to, it's traditions and modes of Dharma propagations? What is the purpose of a Monastic to renounce and dedicate their life to the monastery? Which are the must-see places when visiting Hsi Lai Temple in the future? Both of the venerables took turns to answer these questions, by making reference to the introductory video shown, as well as raising examples of activities organized by the temple, such as: Winter retreats, interfaith seminars, neighborhood activities, community scholarships and facial mask donations, which enables a deeper understanding of Dharma propagation in Humanistic Buddhism.

Before the session ends, Dr. Rose express his gratitude on behalf of the university, to thank Hsi Lai Temple for arranging a Virtual Tour & Q/A Session with them. If the situation allows, Dr. Rose wish that he can organize another temple tour to physically visit Hsi Lai Temple, in order to experience more of the temple and its ways of Dharma propagation.