11/7   Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body

During Halloween, the TAG Club of University of the West held an online Halloween event to promote the spirit of the “three acts of goodness & four givings” on Halloween. The event started a week before Halloween. Instead of the traditional “Trick or Treat” which candies will be given and received, in this TAG’s event, you have to give others compliments prior to received compliments in return. Good and kind words circulate among the participants; positive energy is precious during the pandemic.

The executive members of TAG club created a website with the theme of Trick or Treat which allows everyone to exchange compliments. Good and kinds words will be received after the participants sending out their own good and kinds words. Venerable Master Hsing Yun said: “It is better to give others words of compassion and love when dealing with relationship in the World. It benefits both sides where increase others confident and bringing good affinity to oneself.” This activity upholds the spirit of “giving” in Humanistic Buddhism. “Giving” seems to be altruistic, but in fact it brings benefit to oneself.

This event has received enthusiastic response from the public where 77 people have participated to date. In order to let everyone to continue in giving kind words, this website will continuously open for public. Let the good and kindness circulate.

Event website: https://threeactsofgoodnes.wixsite.com/website