10/4/2020   Hsi Lai Scouts sharing leadership tips with Dharma School for Youth for online lesson

FGS Hsi Lai Scouts (Troop 8888) held their first lesson online with “Dharma School for Youth” on October 4 (Sunday). The lesson was conducted by boy scout Ryan Chen, Brian Lin, Daniel Sun, and Daniel Dai, titled: Leadership, with up to 20 students from the Dharma School for Youth attending.

The lesson included Powerpoint slides, Youtube videos, as well as Q&A sessions. The topics discussed include: What is the characteristics of a good leader? How to lead effectively? How to set our life goals? The lesson also introduced the SMART method used in plan-making had grabbed the students’ attention, which consist of: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based.

The interaction between Hsi Lai Scouts and students of the Dharma School for Youth had shown that the E-generation are much more comfortable using digital tools to interact, thus created a proactive learning environment with more students actively asking questions. As the lesson comes to an end, the members of Dharma School for Youth enjoyed the whole process and hoped for the next opportunity to have a class with Hsi Lai Scouts.