9/27/2020   Buddha's Light Hsi Lai School Lunar Festival Gathering Event- Feels Good to Return Home

Celebrating the tradition and the spirit of the Chinese Lunar Festival, the Buddha's Light Hsi Lai School held a Lunar Festival Get Together Event on September 27th, inviting the parents and students to get together throughout the day. Moon cakes and desserts were prepared and served to the parents and students to celebrate the special occasion. Fifty families attended the event, totaling nearly 150 people.

The event was lead by Ms. Jo, who welcomed all the parents and students, leading them into the song "Acts of Three Goodness". The students were very excited to hear the familiar song and were joyous to sing and dance along. The students voiced their greetings with Venerables loudly and full of energy, their voices reverberating throughout the temple's hallway. The school principal Ven. Hui Dong encouraged the students, "The moon represents everyone's hearts, performing the three virtues, cleansing one's heart, and to be bright and pure like the moon". Coincidentally, it also happens to be Taiwan's teacher's day, prompting the students to loudly offer their blessings to their teachers with "Happy Teacher's Day!".

This event was supported by many teachers who returned to school, where they instructed students to observe social distancing, disinfect their hands regularly with hand sanitizers, and to ensure everybody's health and safety are in good standing. Many parents commented that it is good to be back, some even driving for two hours just to attend the event.

The teachers were ecstatic as well, commenting that they haven't gone out much since March, and it is good to be back to see the kids grow up, improve academically, and in good health. The teachers thanked the Hsi Lai school for hosting the Lunar Festival event, which allowed them to reminisce on the nostalgia of school bells, the masters, other teachers, and the kids. The school would like to sincerely thank all the staff members and volunteers who attended and helped make this event possible.