8/30/2020   Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Materials Pick-up Event

Following the government mandate in response to the ongoing pandemic, the Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School has started to offer the Saturday Chinese classes and after school programs online. August 30th marks the beginning of the remote learning program with a drive-through at the main entrance. Nearly 150 parents participated in the exchange of learning materials and forms in an orderly manner.

The Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School school principal – Ven. Hui Dong and school director– Ven. Man Zhao made a special appearance on the day of, to inquire about the students' learning status, and gather feedback from the parents. Both the parents and students were ecstatic to see the temple, and also the faces of the teachers who brought senses of warmth and familiarity.

Besides picking up the lesson materials, members of the faculty also distributed symbolic cards and snacks to the attendees, and reiterated the importance of protecting oneself from the pandemic, bringing both comfort and assurance to the parents.

Parents have responded positively towards the Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School’s online courses- stating that online lessons contain a wide variety of course materials for the students. The school values not only the academics but also the virtues and character of the students. This sentiment inspires a lot of confidence among the parents in the school, who entrust the school with their children.