8/8/2020   Hsi Lai Temple Online One-Day Retreat

On August 8, Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple in conducted an online one-day retreat, and a total of 25 people attended. The COVID-19 has created lots of unease, anxiety, stress and fear in people’s mind. The online One-day Buddhist Retreat is intended to guide people to find peace in their daily life through Buddhist teaching, as well as provide some mindfulness training.

The training courses include topics such as meditation, basic Buddhism, doodling chan art, group discussions, and Buddhism in daily life. Venerable Zhixing, Venerable Miaoxi, Venerable Zhihsi, and Venerable Huize shared the lessons of human Buddhism on various topics, from "what the Buddha says and what people want" to encouraging students to do three acts of goodness in daily life "do good deeds", "speak good words", "think good thoughts" to generate good cause and condition, and create a better life.

"How to let go", "What is selflessness", "How to respond to natural and man-made disasters around the world". The participants interacted with the instructor online, sharing and asking questions. Professor Denny Braun from San Diego raised questions about the three poisons, shared the use of precept and wisdom to extinguish three poisons, and practice generosity to treat greediness.

Ina Denton from Florida, a lay Dharma lecturer of the International Buddha’s Light International Association, recommends Master Hsing Yun’s works, especially "Ten Paths to Happiness", and encourages everyone to be diligent read books to get into the meaning of Buddhism. At the end of the retreat, venerable introduced the English online Buddhism courses in the summer and autumn session, and encouraged the students to sign up to enhance their knowledge and understanding of Buddhism.