7/4/2020   BLIA members celebrate July 4

To celebrate the National Day of the United States, on July 4th, Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple participated in the National Day Parade, to give encouragement to the community during this pendamic. Guo Shouren, deputy secretary of BLIA LA chapter, Andy Young, president of BLIA Hsi Lai subchapter with the BLIA members, participated in the event.

Due to the pendemic, the 32-year-old parade was conducted in a new way, to celebrate the 244th birthday of the United States. The parade was detoured for more than 1 hour, entered every corner of the community. The classic cars and mini fire trucks were also joining the parade, represent the historical memories of the United States. The parade team from Hsi Lai Temple also serve as an important member of the community, showing the harmony between religion and the nation.

"Maintain social distance and draw closer to each other's hearts." The children waved their flags excitedly in front of their house, looking forward to the arrival of the parade; the elders also sat patiently on the beach chairs and waved enthusiastically.

The Hsi Lai Temple floats were designed and work together by members of the Hsi Lai Chapter. They spent 2 hours to decorate under the blazing sun in California. Dr. Nancy Cowardin's ingenious design puts the floats in "masks", calling on the public to protect themselves and others. The American flag is hung on both sides with the joint logo of Hsi Lai Temple and BLIA; the stars and stripes are also used as the background with blessing of peace on top.