6/20/2020   Doodling Chan, combination of art and cultivate

Hsi Lai Temple organized an online doodling chan workshop on June 20, invited Ven. You Ji from Fo Guang Shan Nan Tian Temple (Australia) as speaker, 13 people attended the workshop.

Ven. You Ji said, doodling is innate by everyone, it doesn’t need to be certified. Practicing doodling chan helps us to focus, creative, alleviate stress, patience and mindfulness. Three principles when doing the doodling chan: let go, relax and space out. Don’t be afraid, don’t be without confidence, don’t hold back the pen and don’t be impatience when drawing. She introduced 4 steps of practicing the doodling chan, meditate 3 minutes, take 3 deep breaths, smile and enjoy. When drawing, observe the breath, feel the flow of the ink, chant the Buddha’s/Bodhisattva name/mantra.

In the Q&A session, questions were raised. How to plan the curriculum for 8 classes and 1 class? Is there any trick to get a good design? If there is limitation of the student’s age? If there is only 1 class, the main purpose is to experience calmness and focus via doodling. For 8 classes, patterns and changes can be applying to the class. There is not age limitation to learn doodling chan.