6/9/2020   Reaching out to those in need during this pandemic

"Benefit society through charity" being one of Fo Guang Shan's Four Main Objectives. Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple had those who had been effected the most by this COVID-19 pandemic in America. On June 9, Californian Senator Ling Ling Chang invited Hsi Lai Temple, to help with the distribution of bread loaves provided by La Brea Bakery, as the second part of a joint charity effort, between Hsi Lai Temple and the Senator’s office.

Hsi Lai Temple’s Venerable Hui Ze, BLIA Los Angeles Chapter President Alex Wu, as well as Ching Chausse and Gena Ooi, went to help out with the distribution. The 40 boxes of frozen bread loaves provided, are distributed among senior care centers and homeless shelter in our community, including New Horizons, Park Regency, Whittier Hills and Whittier First Day.

Before the distribution work had ended, Stephanie, an assistant from the Senator’s office gave thanks to all who helped out, as well as handing out sanitizing wipes and sunshades to everyone, in hopes that everyone would stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.