5/31/2020   Ask Venerables, North America YAD online Buddhism Q&A session

Protests about ethnic in North America makes everyone panic and worry, nevertheless the power of faith in within keeps the North America YAD fearless and confident. On May 31, an online Buddhism class "Ask Venerables" was organized by the North American BLIA YAD. Ven. Miao Guang (Vice President of Fo Guang Shan Institute of Human Buddhism), Ven. Miao Zhong (San Francisco YAD Guiding venerable), and Ven. Zhixing (LA YAD Guiding venerable), were invited to conduct this online Buddhist Q&A session. 73 young people from all over the North America were participate.

Various life-related questions were raised by the youths and answered by the venerables in this Q&A session. The topics were heatedly discussed. This discussion enhanced the youth to deepen the understanding of Human Buddhism