4/20/2020   Though we’re apart, together we can make it” North America BLIA YAD Performed Harmonize together through online internet

North America BLIA YAD members, stay at the core of COVID-19 outbreak area, are emotionally tied together with both heartbreaking and heartwarming stories happened around the world. NA BLIA YAD members published a video, Though We’re Apart, Together We Can Make It. The video is meant to encourage people to face the challenge with the wisdom and compassion in their minds. At the same time, the video also sends appreciations to medical practitioners, police officers, and firefighters, who has been working at the front-line since the outbreak starts. Up to now, North America residents are following the either shelter-at-place, or safer-at-home rules. Many of NA BLIA YAD members recorded and upload personal performance of the song Harmonize, from Sounds of the Human World. YAD members edited the received clips, then published the new video through internet. YAD members hope the video would help them to spread the spirt of teamwork, and everyone would get encouraged by the music. Facing the difficulties with a strong faith and confidence, and also caring and encouraging others, let us to get across the distance. Though We’re Apart, Together We Can Make It.