1/8/2020   Hsi Lai Temple Winter Retreat Enjoy the Peace and Rediscover True Self

Hsi Lai Temple Winter Retreat was held on Jan 8th -12th, with 59 students from Whittier College and different religious backgrounds, to discover the peace and true self in within.

Venerable Abbot Hui Dong welcome the students to join the retreat and experience monastic lifestyle which different from their daily routines. He also conducting a lecture on “Introduction of Humanistic Buddhism”, emphasized on practicing the three acts of goodness in daily life.

Within the 5 days retreat, the lecturers who have given lectures are Dr. Paul Kjellberg, Venerable Miao Hsi, Venerable Hui Ze, Ven. Zhi Xing, Ven. Zhi Ching Ven. Zhi Pu, Ven. Zhi His, Ven. Ru Hang, Ven. Miao Xi, Ms. Lorraine Viade, Professor Nancy Cowardin.

At the end of the retreat, students actively shared their experiences, from uncomfortable to peaceful during five days of retreat. Letting go of the affliction mind, practicing three acts of goodness, bring good causes and right conditions. The returning student Max Geller had participated the retreat for the third time. It was the most exciting activity that he looked forward to, he said.