1/4/2020   Hsi Lai Temple multi-religions Prayer for World Peace

The 25th annual Prayer for World Peace Ceremony was held in Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple on Jan 4. Religious leaders from different religions, including Catholicism, Christian, Teravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and honored guests, over 300 people gathered in Hsi Lai Temple to pray for world peace. Led by Venerable Abbot Hui Dong, all religious leaders walked from the courtyard to the Main Shrine, symbolizing that walking through the road of peace. Ven. Hui Dong said: “The world needs peace, especially for those people who are living under the war, conflict and suffering need peace even more; that is why we are gathered in Hsi Lai Temple to pray for world peace. Aggression and conquest cannot bring peace to the world, but with paying respect to different religions, and show tolerance to different voices can bring peace."

Senator Bob Archuleta said: “It is my honor to represent this city and I sincerely appreciate Hsi Lai Temple. Prayer for World Peace Ceremony is the common aspiration of everyone, we’ve been looking forward to this event for a long time, in order to cross the barriers and creating the connection between people. At the beginning of the new year, our families and friends were blessed with peace, happiness, and joy. In our community. Today we come together, holding the same faith, bringing love and peace to people's hearts, and praying for true peace to come. "

Alex Villanueva, sheriff of the LASD said:" The war remind us what we can do. From the 25 years’ efforts of Hsi Lai Temple have taught us the meaning of peace. We are not only public servants in this country, but also members of the community." The Sheriff even made a vow that in two years, there will be no more fear and threats in all religious venue located in California.

"Although I represent Christian to participate in the event, I also get a lot of inspiration from Buddhist scriptures." Christian minister Rev. Dr. Jolene Cadenbach said.

A puzzle of peace dove was completed together by all religious leaders and guests after the prayer.